The American dream is obtainable for most everyone, but most everyone will have a different answer to what the American dream is for them.
For some it is being able to own a home and have a family, a great deal of people reach this dream.
For some it is playing football in the NFL, this dream is not realized by as many.
For some it may be to become president, this dream is only realized by a very few.
For some it is to be able to own a business and create a good standard of living for themselves and their family. This has happened to a lot of people.
For some it may be to have their writing printed in a book, for many this happens.

The great thing about America is it lets you set your own dream and work toward achieving the dream. People can own their own home, they can own their own business, they are free to do as they wish. More people would be able to obtain their dream if we could get the government out of many areas that keep people from obtaining their dream. To many regulations to start a business, to high of taxes to be able to afford a house and so on.



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